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Welcome to Kitishian


A discipline to consulting, an art to creating, and a craft to connecting come together to form a unique practice, KITISHIAN. With projects spanning the globe, from Silicon Valley to China, Kitishian’s performance in the art of business is unparalleled.

About Kitishian

About Kitishian

Founded in 2007 on solid principles and practices, Kitishian applies a creative perfection in executing the achievement of many challenging projects.



Understanding the needs
Analyzing the market
Communicating a sound strategy


Engulfing ourselves within your culture
Executing the strategy


Surpassing the client’s needs

And More

Provide ongoing support


Corporate Creation

From idea inception to incorporation, challenges are clarified, overcome, and recrafted as part of the client’s new business strategy.   The new venture creation process is molded to bring structure to chaos.


Experience the exciting calm.


Methods of communication are rapidly changing, yet there remains a consistency that people are at the heart of it all.  A production of broad and in-depth analysis clarifies new insights.


Enhance language and empower visuals.


Enveloping ourselves within the culture, surveying similar prospects, and capturing the investor’s and philanthropist’s attention are part of the process that drives Kitishian’s model for success.


Take grasp of essential resources.


Whether a new venture seeks business model validation or an existing corporation looks to reach higher growth benchmarks, Kitishian catalyzes the sales process as an affiliate member of your team.


Supplement your growth strategy.